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“It’s day seven, and already resolution No. 1 — eat healthy or die trying — is looking like your funeral.
Call off the undertaker and sink your teeth into The Squeeze’s virtual snack bar.”

“One of the newer street vendors in NYC is The Squeeze. They started with a food truck last May, then added a cart in November. The truck has been parking in Tribeca, and the cart has been parked on Union Square West between 14-15 St.”

"First a taste of coconut granola, then a sample of their soup of the day: red pepper, avocado, cilantro and cumin.  This was a tasty cold soup, perfect for a summer day.”

“The Squeeze’s menu is comprised of home-made breakfast items, soups, sandwiches, entrees, beverages, and a plethora of tasty, good for you snacks and desserts.”

“It just got easier to keep cool on New York City streets this summer, if you can find The Squeeze, a food truck dishing up interesting raw, vegan, organic and gluten-free concoctions and juices.”

“While heading to lunch yesterday I spotted a brightly-hued new cart at the corner of Pearl St. & Hanover Sq. It’s called The Squeeze, and serves fancy juices, along with something called “living lattes” and some raw vegan breakfast and lunch items including sandwiches, salads and some sort of hot dog involving kimchi.”

“I’m eager to transform the way people eat, to eat lighter on the food chain, to heal themselves and the planet,” said Ms. Brooks. “By putting on the street a loud and raunchy attention-grabbing food truck, people might want to stop in.”

“...and it's all been amazing. in fact, i think the squeeze might be quickly beating out liquiteria for my favorite juice shop in NYC!”

“If you’re in the NYC area, check out The Squeeze Truck. They make juices, milks, salads, breakfast and even raw dessert treats, like raw sprouted buckwheat popcorn. WOW!”

“The Squeeze is a new company peddling pressed juices and vegan comfort food. I tried out their raw, organic, and gluten-free onion rings with a crispy nut coating. I ate the entire box in a matter of minutes.”

“Can't get to the truck? Brooks shared these three DIY recipes for some springtime juice love at home...” —Amy Eley

“We just discovered The Squeeze, a pressed juice and living and raw food truck in NYC. It’s my first juice from a food truck and their drinks are freakin’ awesome. Everything is organic and they have all kinds of vegan, raw and cooked foods and chai lattes made with nut milk. Juices and smoothies are delivered in cute and recyclable glass bottles! Muah.”

"Perché andarci: servono centrifugati di frutta e verdura, insalate e panini realizzati con prodotti freschi e bio come piace alle celbs. E in più la location è un camioncino rosa molto cool che piace alle top model."

THE BOTTOM LINE: A plucky and delicious new addition to the NYC juice scene.

The Squeeze is a rolling-ready pressed juice and living foods truck & catering company with a really big attitude about what's GOOD FOR YOU!

Come visit us for a unique taste experience!

I have always had the belief that if something tastes good, it’s probably not good for you. With The Squeeze, I stand corrected. So why not stop by, grab a juice and a snack, and get lost in “good for you” deliciousness? I know I did, and I’m hooked.

Just an update to say I have a new favorite combination of The Squeeze‘s cold-pressed juices…I usually go for a green juice in the mornings but wanted to try something new. The girl behind the counter told me this tastes a bit like apple pie — and it does!

New Yorkers looking to cool down this summer will have another option to add to the ever-growing roster of juice places around the city...

The Squeeze Truck has taken raw, vegan food put in it a truck and served it alongside some of the city’s best juices and creative, sexy marketing. Names of juices range from “I Have A Heart On” to “Two Hearts Beet As One.”

The Squeeze: a company devoted to “producing the best-tasting raw foods in the city, such as detox cleanses, superfoods, and fresh live produce prepared into raw gourmet meals.”

I don’t entirely know exactly which foods are good for supporting our digestive system. What can I say? I’m no nutritionist. Luckily, Karliin Brooks, founder of The Squeeze juice trucks here in New York (which is infamous for it’s lighthearted juice names) has shared 3 amazing DIY juice recipes that are perfect for balancing your body.

Overworked and over-caffeinated New Yorkers take heed: The raw vegan revolution has arrived and it’s called The Squeeze.

The Squeeze has a dream to make it on the big screen! Yes, that is right! One day, the raw vegan food truck the Squeeze will have its chance at stardom.

Located in Manhattan, The Squeeze provides uncompromised, raw, organic, top-quality pressed juices and raw foods out of their colorful trucks. Sometimes RAWnchy, sometimes risky, her good-for-you gourmet selections are hands down some of our favorites in the city.

We're in for a spell of hot weather, so good thing today marks the reopening of Soaked, the summer-only rooftop lounge at the Mondrian SoHo Hotel. This is the penthouse watering hole's second season and this year will feature cocktails made with juices from The Squeeze (see, we told you cold-pressed juice cocktails would be a thing).

The Squeeze, a wellness and beauty lifestyle company best known for their cold-pressed, 100 percent organic juices, has designed custom juice blends exclusively for SOAKED's all-natural specialty cocktail menu.

Soaked, which sits on the 26th floor of the tallest building in the fashionable neighborhood, will be throwing a “Red, White and Juice” party, offering a wine-and-beer open bar, as well as cocktails blended with organic cold-pressed juices delivered fresh daily from raw-food truck the Squeeze.

Nothing helps you stay in summertime shape more than eating right. A first-of-its-kind food truck known as the Squeeze has the most amazing organic fresh-pressed juices and raw vegan comfort food. It provides the highest quality, nutrient-dense drinks, and menu items boast beauty benefits as well, such as clear pores and anti-aging protection against sun damage.