When You Talk To A Vegan….

January 25, 2016 Jess Florio

Let’s say you engage in conversation with a new coworker-about lunch. They tell you about their non-vegan dish and rave about how great it was. You tell them you’re glad they enjoyed it and smile. 

They ask you what you’ve got for today. You share and explain that you don’t eat meat. They stare and ask “Really?” You nod. 

“I could never! I love it too much. You know what my favorite is? A good ol’ juicy sirloin steak!” they exclaim. 

You pause and catch yourself thinking “Great, thanks for sharing that image with me.” But instead you say you understand their side- because you know cultures aren’t just going to change their traditions and that people have specific foods they enjoy. And that’s fine, because you can’t expect that much from people. Not everyone will make that change. However, you should never hesitate to educate them. Maybe you won’t win them all over- but sharing your personal experiences about veganism can certainly be inspiring! Talk it up and spread the positivity! 

Remember that when you are speaking with a vegan, you are probably speaking with an individual that is concerned about more than only their life, but the lives of every living being around them. Someone that is compassionate towards others and their feelings. You are talking with someone who knows the consequences of climate change, which most other people are in denial of-even though science has proven it to be very real-and does their part. This is someone that knows how to stand up and make a change that will benefit both themselves, others, and their outside environment. Who do you want to be?

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