Why Don’t You Eat Meat?

February 24, 2016 Jess Florio

The reason I don’t eat meat is because I have freewill. Once I was old enough to realize the impacts of my food choices, I decided it was important to be picky about what I eat-not only because it impacts my personal wellbeing, but because it impacts the wellbeing of other living species as well as the health of our environment. It seems to me that meat eaters are a bit…blinded, if you will. But-hey, maybe I’m just a bit grossed out by the thought of living, breathing, adorable animals being slaughtered, cooked, and placed on a dinner plate in front of me to consume. Maybe I’m just a bit angry that so many people have not even the slightest concern for anyone or anything other than.. their satisfaction. Truthfully, I think meat eaters are selfish. I don’t want to offend anyone, but considering meat eaters don’t care much about the feelings of others… it’s hard not to be blunt about this topic. I’m not here to judge people for their choices, because like I said everyone has freewill. However, having freewill doesn’t mean you should just do as you please. It’s so important to assess the implications your actions have. Living in a world with an exponentially increasing population, eating less meat is an option to consider to help protect our planet. Veganism is about our conserving our Earth’s resources, it’s about caring for other living creatures, and about making choices that will promote good health. I truly believe that not eating meat, or eating less meat than normally, will have positive outcomes. Consideration of these impacts, is all I ask. Really take the time to assess what goes on your plate, and I promise, you will find value in that. 

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