Benefits of a Fall Cleanse

November 02, 2013 1

As nature changes cyclically, we begin to see how these changes become mirrored in our own lives too. Just as cold and flu viruses blow in on autumn’s winds and build up as physical toxins within our tissues, the increased mental activity and workload can accumulate as psychosomatic stress that pollutes the mind. The ancient teachings of Ayurveda call the toxins our body cannot process “ama,” Sanskrit for "that which harms or weakens". Mental and physical burnout stresses our adrenals and nervous system, putting some of the body's natural detoxification processes on hold. Accumulated ama creates an appealing host environment for both kinds of toxins.   Spring vs. Fall Cleanse   While during a spring cleanse we seek to remove toxins that have built up from heavy, cold weather foods, a fall cleanse focuses instead on preventing the building of toxicity during the coming winter months. Because the large intestines, lungs and skin are the organs linked to digestion, breathing and skin problems (like asthma, eczema, rashes and dry skin,) we can prepare our body by strengthening our digestive system, cellular metabolism and largest organ of detoxification-our skin. A detox all about these organs will help us maintain healthy tissue where toxins aren’t able to dwell. Digestion plays one of the most vital roles in strengthening our immunity, because our physiology depends on digestion for constant renewal and our intestines contain more immune cells than the entire rest of our body. The number one way to strengthen digestion is of course: through diet.   Here is Where The Squeeze Comes In!   The best diet to support digestive functioning is one that is light, chock full of spicy leafy greens and spiced with herbs that rev up digestion. Our fall menu and juices are the perfect blend of ingredients to help you adapt to the physical and psychosomatic stresses of the changing season. Fueled by organic, cold-pressed juices and fresh, plant-based cuisine, our seasonal options are sure to strengthen your digestive system, enhance metabolism and leave your skin looking as glowy as you feel from the insides out. Some of our perfect fall juice options include:   Looking Good is the Sweetest Revenge: Fennel, Clementine, Carrot, Orange and Lemon. • The nutrients, essential vitamins and minerals found in fennel juice make this a digestive powerhouse. Useful for stimulating digestion and promoting relief for upset stomachs, fennel juice is commonly used for cancer patients after chemotherapy to help rebuild the digestive system.   Get Your Juices Flowing: Apple, Ginger, Cinnamon and Turmeric • Spices used commonly in fall cleansing include fresh ginger, cinnamon, fennel, and turmeric. Including these spices will enable you to better absorb all the nutrients in the foods you consume.   My Plastic Surgeon Got Laid Off... By Me: Cucumber, Aloe Vera, E3Live • Aloe Vera helps cleanse the digestive tract of food residue, allowing the digestive system to work more efficiently to break down the nutrients in food. E3Live is a wild-harvested species of edible algea and has the highest concentration of chlorophyll than any other plant in the world. The atomic structure of chlorophyll is identically the closest in existence to the hemoglobin found in humans red blood cells, giving it the unlimited ability to regenerate any cells in our body, helps us achieve a radiant glow and healthy hair, skin and nails.     Blogger: Tisa Dolan
A City Girl with Wild Wisdom, she looks towards nature to inform of us of our capacity to rock our highest physical, creative and spiritual glow. A certified Holistic Nutrition Coach, Biological-Anthropologist, Ecology-based Curriculum Writer and Science Teacher, she teaches adults and children both inside and outside of the classroom how to achieve our highest states of personal and planetary health.
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