Seek the Alkaline Life

December 06, 2013 1

Have you heard about Acidic vs. Alkaline foods? Eating primarily foods that contain live enzymes, like raw fruits and vegetables and juice (cold pressed juice has more enzymes that “fresh” juice), prevents your body and blood from becoming acidic. Foods that lack enzymes and nutrients make your body acidic which produces mucous and congests your intestines. Even stress can make your body acidic. Becoming acidic is one of the first steps toward illness. If you want to know if you’re body is acidic and how you’re doing at becoming more alkaline, you can do a Saliva pH test. You can buy these saliva testing strips here: What you are looking for is narrow range pH paper that measures pH 4.5 to 7.5 or pH 4.5 to 8.5. To do the test, wait at least 2 hours after eating. You want to start with clean saliva, so fill your mouth with saliva and then swallow it. Do it again. The third time, put some of your saliva onto the pH paper. The pH paper should turn blue. This indicates that your saliva is slightly alkaline at a healthy pH of 7.4. If it is not blue, compare the color with the chart that comes with the pH paper. If your saliva is acid it will be below pH of 7.0. What, specifically, can you do to become more alkaline, you ask? 1. Eat mostly alkaline foods. The general “rule of thumb” is to eat 20% acid foods and 80% alkaline foods. Here is a list of alkaline vs. acid foods: And no matter what you decide to eat, remember to really chew your food so you can digest it better and, you guessed it, drink plenty of water. 2. Supplement your diet with fruit and vegetable juices. We could never eat the amount of nutrition we drink with these juices. Keep in mind that citrus fruits and citrus fruit juice doesn’t make the blood acidic, but the opposite. 3. Learn and practice Transcendental Meditation Transcendental Meditation is a non-dietary way to increase the alkalinity of your body. It gives a level of rest twice as deep as that of sleep and reduces stress. Stress causes the heart to beat too fast, the muscles to be too tense, the entire metabolism to be too fast. Metabolic waste products are acids (lactic acid, uric acid, etc.), which is why reducing stress increases the alkalinity of the body. Some people say Transcendental Meditation is the best for this, but it can be expensive to learn. (You have to go through a program.) So I tend to think any kind of meditation is better than nothing. Go forth and become alkaline. Blogger: Lisa Albaugh The Squeezes Health and Marketing Pioneer Living the journey of flexitarian moving towards a more vegan and raw lifestyle, for myself and for the planet.

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