How to Add Juice to my Life

December 16, 2013 1

I crave a cleanse every now and then, especially in the spring or summer. But I’ve found that I would rather use juice as an ongoing supplement to my regular habits. It helps me get lots of veggies and fruits into my diet and it gives me that good clean feeling and green brain clarity. If you eat junk all the time and then juice cleanse every month, you’re constantly fighting against yourself. It’s not an efficient system. And often, your body eliminates waste in the beginning of a cleanse, but after 3 or more days of cleansing, elimination gets sluggish because there is no more fiber coming into your system. This is why it is so important to get a colonic at this time, to help move all of that waste out that the green juices have loosened up. This is also why I think it’s best to use juice as a supplement to a high fiber cleansing diet of Raw and Vegan foods. Green juice is like liquid gold. If most of your meals are raw and vegan and if you drink vegetable juice regularly, you can consistently benefit from the juice, rather than yo-yo back and forth. Blogger: Lisa The Squeeze's Health and Marketing Pioneer at The Mercedes Club

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