Cold-Pressed Juice vs. "Fresh Juice"

February 21, 2014 1

We Squeezers make cold-pressed juice which is pre-made and bottled. Not the “fresh” stuff that you can have churned up for you at the corner deli.  Perhaps you’re curious what’s the difference. Here’s the deal.

[caption id="attachment_790" align="aligncenter" width="486"]Heart On photo sm I HAVE A HEART ON: our slightly sweet cold pressed green juice![/caption]

Most cold-pressed juices are made with the Norwalk juicer, as opposed to a centrifugal juicer or other kinds of juicers that make fresh made-to-order juice.  The difference between these juicers is huge!

The Norwalk does it’s magic in a two step process.  First, we shred the vegetables and fruits into a pulp, and put the pulp into a porous cloth.  Next, we set the cloth under a hydraulic press which gently applies thousands of pounds of pressure to extract every last bit of juice out of the pulp.  The results yield more complete natural fruit sugars, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes as well as a smoother tasting juice.  The slow pressing action allows for little to no air or heat to be introduced causing much slower oxidation and decomposition. This means that each of our lovely bottles of juice can be kept in a sealed, refrigerated container,  without preservatives, for 3 - 5 days with little loss of taste, nutrients, or color.  This is in contrast to “fresh” juices made on centrifugal and rotary juicers at the deli or even at home.  The blade inside a centrifugal juicer spins at a high speed adding heat and air to the process.  Both oxidize and separate nutrients found in the whole fruits and vegetables, making the nutrients less plentiful and less pure.  Those juices must be consumed immediately and even then, don’t carry the nutritional punch of a cold-pressed juice.

The first time I bought a cold pressed juice, I was sold by the taste, but to be honest, I was already convinced based on the description.  Who doesn’t want more vitamins, minerals and enzymes?




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