HPP: Be careful what Cold-Pressed Juice you buy.

February 27, 2014 1

HPP is an acronym for High Pressure Pascalization (or High Pressure Processing).  It’s a way to preserve the juice without subjecting it to heat.  Similar to standard pasturization, HPP extends the shelf life of raw juice well beyond the typical 3-5 days and reduces the level of potential pathogens that might have hitched a ride on the pre-juiced produce. Hold your horses though. The downside is that HPP destroys vital and good bacteria as well. You might have heard that bacteria make up much of everything we eat and are important in good nutrition as well.  Some people say HPP destroys the enzymes, but the jury’s still out on that one. The enzymes may, however, be altered and rendered less healthful.  At The Squeeze, we choose Raw.  Truly raw and unprocessed juices taste better and helps deliver all of that good naturally occuring stuff into your body as efficiently as possible.  Raw Rules.

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