Not your typical granola

March 20, 2014 1

Here at the Squeeze, we sell a very special granola (in either Coconut or Chocolate).  It’s a 100% RAW, sprouted granola which is handmade with activated seeds and grains.  It’s gently dried at a low temperature to retain maximum nutrition and it’s glutten-free, nut-free and organic.  The best part about it, in my opinion, is that for just 2 oz. of this yummy stuff, you get 14g of Protein.  Outstanding for granola.

The thing that separates our granola from the rest is the fact that it’s  sprouted.  And here’s why that’s good.  A seed has many nutritional  advantages, but many of them are locked up tight by anti-nutrients  (phytic acid, etc.)  When you soak them, it starts the germination  process and the dormant seed becomes a live plant.  Enzyme  inhibitors are neutralized and enzymes, which help you digest your  food, are produced.  Essentially, sprouting increases the bio-availability  of nutrients which are latent or bound up in the seeds.  Bonus: when  you sprout a high protein food it increases the bio-availability of the  protein.  Double bonus: Carbs are converted partially into other  nutrients (to feed the plant), as they would be if the seed were planted  in soil – so carbs decrease in sprouting as well.  Bonus #3: The second  ingredient in our coconut granola is sprouted buckwheat which has  been shown to lower systolic blood pressure!



Keep in mind that the effects of sprouting vary a lot from one food to another, so results aren’t predictable across the board, but overall sprouting is highly beneficial in improving nutrition and digestibility.

Come in and try our sprouted granola soon.  Friendly tip: It also goes really well with our “Don’t Cry Over Spiced Milk” poured over it.

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