The Benefits of a Spring Cleanse

March 28, 2014 1

Though it may not feel like spring yet, I have already started making moves to declutter my home and make changes to adapt to the new season.  It’s been a long winter, which has left me feeling bogged down and sluggish.  It is very common for people to experience a loss of energy in the winter and maybe even get a little depressed. Sound familiar? Then a cleanse might be just what you need. Cleansing and detoxifying regularly is important for your health.  The cells in our body are constantly producing waste and sometimes the body needs a little help getting rid of all the toxins.  A good way to start is by changing your diet and making time in your schedule for exercise, something that is much easier to do when it’s not freezing out. If you already follow a healthy diet, a juice cleanse might be just what your body needs.  A cleanse is not only healthy but is also an awesome way to lose weight if you’ve gained a few pounds over the winter.   A spring cleanse is a wonderful opportunity to get a fresh start and renew yourself; have a plan, listen to your body, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. So how about a little spring cleaning? Crocuses-In-Snow-300w

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