May 30, 2014 1

When you stop eating dairy, you don't have to stop drinking milk. In fact, there are all kinds of milk substitutes that come with great benefits. Here's a short list for you! soy_milk 1. Soy Milk is my personal favorite. It is not only delicious, but it is nutritious in more ways than one. Soy milk contains protein, reduced fat, and zero cholesterol. Often it is made with a copious amount of calcium as well. Soy milk comes in a variety of flavors - it is great plain, but especially tasty with your favorite squeezola granola. 2. Rice Milk is another great option. It's not quite as thick as soy milk, and often not as sweet. Made from boiled rice, it is always a low-fat alternative. It tends to have less protein than soy milk, but still an awesome vegan option. 3. Almond Milk is exactly what it sounds like - milk made from almonds. It can be made with cashews as well. It is thick and nutty-tasting, unlike any other option. It is great in smoothies and as a milk-alternative in recipes. Definitely worth a try- remember to shake first! MILK ON!

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