June 05, 2014 1

Don't cry! The Squeeze LOVES onions. In fact, we use them quite untraditionally. We make FunOnions, which are dehydrated onions with activated nuts and seeds. The are dried at a low temperature for maximum nutrititon. And seriously, they taste like fried onion rings (only better!) We also make Living Onion Bread with a variety of seeds and buckwheat. Try it on your next sandwich - you won't be disappointed. Onions are not only delicious, they are great for you too. Here are some benefits: >> Onions have been proven to lower blood pressure >> Onions can often protect the heart and surrounding vessels, reducing the risk of heart attack >> Onions can help with decreasing levels of bone density >> Onions can aid the immune system and have anti-inflammatory effects >> Onions contain lots of sulfur (that's what makes them a little stinky). But it is this sulfur that is so great for your body. EAT YOUR ONIONS PLEASE! For a tasty treat, stop by The Squeeze for a sample. image-1  

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