When Life Gives You Lemons...

July 11, 2014 1

Lemons are great for adding flavor to dishes and cocktails, but did you know this tangy fruit has been used for centuries for its incredible health benefits? - Despite their acidic taste, lemons are actually one of the most alkaline forming foods and great for restoring the body’s PH. - Drinking lemon juice with warm water is a great way to aid digestion and cleanse your bowels. This also helps to stimulate and detox the liver. - Lemons are rich in vitamin C and help ward off infection and protect the body against immune system deficiencies. - Lemons are a great source of citric acid, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and phosphorous. - Lemons are great for the skin and prevent the formation of wrinkles and acne. Applying lemon directly to the face can help remove blackheads and ligthen blemishes. These are just a few of the countless benefits of lemons. What is your favorite way to use lemons?

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