Healthy Snackin'

July 31, 2014 198

We’ve all been there; 5pm hits and you’re heading home from work, exhausted and VERY hungry. Maybe you head to the nearest pizzeria to grab a slice. Or maybe you heat up one of your microwavable frozen meals. It’s a common misconception that not eating as much throughout the day will help you cut down those “lbs.”, however many nutritionists say that snacking every few hours is much more beneficial to weight loss and an overall healthy diet. When you become outrageously hungry, you tend to eat anything you can get your hands on. Even worse, you overeat because your brain takes some time to process that you were full 12 bites ago. Of course, this “snacking schedule” doesn’t mean you should be replacing full meals with tiny ones! Rather, add a healthy bite in between your breakfast and lunch, or your lunch and dinner, so you don’t end up in a food coma right before you hit the sack. Lucky for you, The Squeeze has some wholesome and tasty snacks that you can bring on the go to keep that belly quiet. The Mac N’ Cheese Kale Chips, Chocolate Squeezola Granola, Almond Joys and Trawpical dried fruits are just some of the many options you can munch on throughout the day. Check these, and other delicious snacks here!

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