The Harvest Season

September 03, 2014 182

With summer coming to a close, we have the harvest season to look forward to. Juicing is a practice you can do all year, and the fall may be the best time to juice. The fall is referred to as the harvest season because it is a time when many fruits and vegetables are in season. We as Americans are very lucky to be able to access most fruits and vegetables year round, but it is important to eat seasonally. Growing seasonally allows crops to fully ripen which in turn allows for better flavor. Eating seasonally not only tastes better, but it is certainly easier on your wallet. When food is grown in its proper season, it is more abundant and as a result it is cheaper. In addition, growing seasonally is greener because the food is not being transported from across the world (naturallysavvy).   Source: naturallysavvy. AGILITY, 8 Apr. 2014. Web. 3 Sept. 2014. <>. Image:

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