Tea Time

September 10, 2014 182

Implementing more tea during a cleanse could keep you from freezing up during cooler months. If you're not an expert on tea, no need to freight! There are plenty of free tastings available like the weekly one that takes place at Teavana. Every week Teavana does a tasting highlighting different types of tea. Tea testing is important in developing one's preferences. Certain teas are only available during part of the year while some are available all year. In addition, the quality of tea is determined by which flush it is picked from. There is a 1st flush, 2nd flush, 3rd flush, and then bagged tea which could be a combination of flushes or what ever is left growing. This is not to say that tea bags are bad, there are some great teas that are bagged. It's all about preference, and once you know what kind of tea you like, properly brewing your tea will make all of the difference in the quality and flavor. Each type of tea has a different temperature and time that it should be brewed at. To learn more, visit your local tea shop! Image:

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