Benefits of Rehabilitation

December 16, 2014 1

While advice about health and wellbeing often refers to leading a healthy lifestyle in order to prevent issues arising, it is also important to give yourself your best shot at recovery from injuries should they occur. Carefully planned rehabilitation after an injury is critical to ensuring not only ongoing participation in your favorite sports but also enjoyment of life in general. Even when you feel better and think everything is fine, imperceptible underlying issues can persist only to resurface later on in painful, inconvenient and occasionally very damaging ways. Rehabilitation is therefore key to getting back to functioning in a way that allows you to lead a healthy life with a strong focus on wellbeing. Two of the most importance aspects to getting back to a healthy lifestyle are nutrition and exercise. The importance of nutrition Food is fuel and so much more. It provides the building blocks for growth and recovery through essential nutrients and vitamins. Maintaining a healthy diet is therefore more crucial than ever during rehabilitation, and people in such situations should ensure they seek advice about the best possible foods for aiding recovery. In some cases, a nutritionist will be able to design a personally tailored diet plan that will invariably follow a few basic principles, including: • Keep an eye on calories. People recovering from injuries will almost certainly find themselves in a less active state than usual, so there is a real risk of putting on weight if general consumption levels are not controlled. • A balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables is the best way of guaranteeing that recommended daily amounts of vitamins and other nutrients be consumed. This will help with general health and wellbeing as well as complementing any courses of medication. • Our bodies need protein to grow, and it also plays a key role in rebuilding damaged muscles, so consuming sufficient levels of this through good sources such as lean meat, fish and pulses is particularly important following physical injuries. • Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse. If you feel your diet and rehabilitation regime isn’t yielding results as quickly as you’d like, consider a juice cleanse to boost your metabolism. The importance of exercise Exercising following an injury can seem like a risky course of action, but if it is done carefully with proper preparation and supervision, it can actually speed up the rehabilitation process. To start a good exercise regime that complements rehabilitation, you should consult your doctor in the first instance in order to gauge what level of activity is appropriate, then seek the advice of a physiotherapist or exercise expert to help create a training plan that helps goals to be achieved within safe levels. Finally, the right clothing and equipment is critical to exercising safely and effectively, so choose options that make you feel comfortable for what you’ll be taking on. Rehabilitation An injury is something nobody wants to experience, and we hope to avoid having to go through recovery and rehabilitation. Sadly, injuries are an unpleasant fact and particularly common for active people who are engaged in sports. With that in mind, it is important that if you do find yourself in this situation you approach it in the right way to ensure you can get back to a healthy and active lifestyle as quickly as possible.

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