Cleansing with Perspective: A Brief Guide to Juice Cleanses

March 23, 2015 1

As the popularity of the juice cleanse continues to steadily rise, many of those new to the ritual, as well as some regulars who simply may have lost sight of the essence of the practice, might be in need of some gentle guidance towards or realignment with the appropriate rationale. There are indeed some improper approaches to juice cleansing, and a few pitfalls to be avoided when incorporating the method into your lifestyle. It is important to embark on your cleanse with a clear mindset and concrete assortment of goals, and so I’ve put together a medley of reasons why cleansing is beneficial and what tendencies to avoid in an effort to steer your cleanse in the direction that will best improve your health and well-being. The Reasons for the Cleanse: Cleansing is advantageous for a multitude of reasons, benefitting a variety of different aspects of your general health while providing your organs the opportunity to rest. Here are some popular advantages of the cleanse: 1.) Weight Loss: One of the more common reasons why people choose a juice cleanse, and a frequent subject of debate within the world of nutrition is the notion that the cleanse helps the participant lose weight. The main argument against this idea is that much of the weight lost is water weight that will only be regained at the conclusion of the cleanse. While this theory is undoubtedly valid, some of the weight lost is also fat, and in addition, the surplus of concentrated, low-calorie nutrients provided during the cleanse contribute towards the individual’s diet and appetite control, which will ultimately assist with his or her weight loss in the long run. 2.) Rest & Repair: Affording the body an opportunity to rest a variety of digestive organs is one of the primary reasons why many people decide to go on a cleanse. The ordinary individual is constantly ingesting various toxic foods to the detriment of the stomach, intestines, as well as the liver. Participating in a cleanse effectively helps these organs reset so to speak because of how easily the juices are digested 3.) Cell Healing: Aside from the clear advantages that cleansing presents your digestive system with, your cells are also given the chance to reboot and refocus on basic energy creation rather than fending off the free radicals that are present in many of the typical foods we ingest day in and day out. 4.) Reduction of Physical Ails & Improved Energy: Another distinguishable justification for the cleanse is the widely accepted notion that going on a juice cleanse can actually eradicate a number of commonplace physical afflictions such as headaches, rashes, or cramps while also helping you feel better and more energized in a general sense. 5.) Psychological Benefits: Perhaps one of, if not the most important benefit of the juice cleanse, is the advantage it presents psychologically from a behavioral standpoint. Completing a cleanse can help curb cravings for coffee, alcohol, and fatty foods while providing the participant with a solid dietary foundation that can promote healthy eating habits that last long after the cleanse period. With these benefits in mind, you have all the rationale necessary to get started with a cleanse. However, there are a few different approaches you should be wary of and look to avoid throughout your juicing experience. The Flip-Flop Syndrome: The most prominent mistake one can make while incorporating juice cleanses into their diet and a primary habit to avoid is the impulse to overindulge after completing a cleanse. This behavior is problematic and can become a tricky cycle to break because it essentially builds upon itself (The overindulging generally leads to more cleansing, which enables further indulgences). Working Out During The Cleanse: Another behavior to avoid is the practice of working out while you cleanse. The entire ethos behind the juice cleanse is centered upon breaking unhealthy eating habits while giving your body the chance to reset. Working out can complicate this process and present issues in a physical sense because the juice diet does not provide the fuel necessary for the exercise, thus leaving you with the probability of disorientation after these workouts. Cleansing For The Trend: Finally, a fundamental tendency to avoid amongst the populace is the impulse to begin cleansing to coordinate with the trend. As you probably know, juice cleanses have jumped significantly in popularity over the past year or so, thus attracting a multitude of new followers ready to begin their cleanses right away, though you should not be so hasty. Taking the time to prepare for a cleanse will ultimately benefit you when you decide to commence your inaugural purge, giving you the mental fortitude to stick with it the whole way through instead of wavering towards an eventual forfeit. Now that we’ve been over the reasons to cleanse and what behaviors you should look to avoid, you are ready to start juicing! Head over to the cleanses section of our site and check out the various packages we have to choose from!

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