Alive and Alkalized: How to Keep Your pH Balanced!

April 02, 2015 1

As is the case with most aspects of our lives, achieving and maintaining a balance is a key component towards living a healthy lifestyle both mentally and physically, though this isn’t always an easy task. In this day and age, daily routines tend to move at a rapid pace, making it difficult to generate the ideal equilibrium for optimal function. This philosophy directly applies in the nutritional sense, and one dietary facet that is all about balance is your body’s alkaline intake. When it comes to alkaline levels, the human body is essentially no different than your average fish tank, which actually isn’t so unimaginable given that water helps to compose roughly 50 to 75 percent of our physical make up depending on your stage of life, and just like a fish tank your body has pH levels that require a certain degree of upkeep. When these alkaline levels are mismanaged, you will begin to tip towards the acidic side of the scale, which is not the place to be, as you are likely to exhibit subtle symptoms such as a runny nose, skin breakouts, general fatigue, and even small cases of irritable bowel syndrome. These health complications are the product of your chemical imbalance, given that acidic environments breed bad bacteria, in addition to suppressing oxygen in your bloodstream effectively stifling your cellular metabolism. On the pH scale, the ideal position is 7.0 or above, while levels below this mark are gradually considered acidic (You definitely want to stay above 4.5!) Lucky for us alkaline foods are relatively easy to get a hold of, as spinach, kale, cucumbers, avocados, celery, bell peppers and even potatoes are all potent alkalizers. Through the consumption of these or any other alkaline foods, you provide your body with numerous nutritional benefits such as better digestion, increased mental acuity, improved skin health as well as deeper sleep, which in turn gives you more energy to be used throughout the day. In addition, when your body is at the proper alkaline level, your cell turnover rate is at it’s most advantageous, which is particularly beneficial because cell turnover is a fundamental aspect of cancer prevention. The suitable diet to adhere to when trying to achieve an alkalized body is roughly 20 percent acidic food and 80 percent alkaline foods, which non coincidentally aligns with the raw-to-cooked-ratio we reported on in our previous post, as cooked foods are more likely to be higher in acidic value while raw food has more antioxidants and is capable of neutralizing this acid. Keeping a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet will undoubtedly help reduce your body’s acidic value and bring balance to your pH levels, and if you’re looking to get your alkaline fix on the go, head over to the Elixir section that features our three alkaline charged beverages: Electrolyte Lemonade, Ginger Aid, and Aloe Water!

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