The Skinny On Vegan Sex!

April 09, 2015 1

There are many advantages that come with going vegan: more energy, healthier skin and hair and a considerably reduced risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and many others afflictions, but perhaps one of the most underrated benefits occurs inside the bedroom. The fundamental grounds for this argument are rooted in the fact that vegans have better blood circulation since meat and processed foods are loaded with saturated fats that restrict blood flow. A change from an animal-based diet to a vegan diet would increase overall blood flow which would, in turn, increase blood to the penis allowing for a better sexual experience. (An effective, natural solution for erectile dysfunction!) A secondary reason for increased stamina (except while on a juice cleanse, of course) is the evidence that processed foods inhibit digestion which affects proper assimilation of nutrients. The digestive tract is less likely to be impeded when adhering to a raw vegan diet as fresh fruits and vegetables can more easily be absorbed and converted to usable energy right away, thus enhancing overall stamina. With all of the additional energy, people may become unsatisfied with a conventional sexual routine to a degree in which something more bold and provocative might be just the thing. A third, and crucial aspect of the debate relates to the senses of taste and smell. Vegans tend to be more palatable in both areas due to the fact that there are no toxins that are prevalent in red meat being excreted through the pores of the skin. Additionally, bacteria in the body tend to consume proteins and fats, two components abundant in red meat which can generate an unpleasant odor. However, before attempting to test this information in the bedroom with your partner, there is another aspect to love making that needs to be addressed. Safe sex. The typical latex condom is treated with casein (which is a milk protein) and at least two major brands (Durex and Trojan) are actually tested on animals. So, vegans are very likely inclined to take issue with these procedures, but you aren't completely out of luck. There are ecologically favorable forms of protection on the market. Glyde latex condoms provide an acceptable safe sex product for use by vegans. Another erotic product tainted by the controversy of animal testing is lubricant - though it is less of an issue than with condoms. Sliquid, Good Clean Love and Shower Jerk are three examples of vegan-friendly lubricants enabling you to get dirty with a clean conscience. Last, but not least, there are sex toys and other accessories which can provide difficulties for the conscious consumer. While trying to navigate though the wide assortment of available products, you'll find many containing materials like leather, silk and rubber that often contain ingredients derived from animals. Luckily, The Vegan Sex Shop is a one-stop cure-all for those who are looking to satisfy kinky desires without sacrificing their values. Don’t be afraid to get RAWnchy!

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