Raw Vegan Annette Larkins

August 10, 2015 Julie Luxemberg

As we grow older, there seems to be a common trend: no one wants to look their age! But isn’t aging inevitable? By the time we are seventy or eighty, it seems to be pure destiny that we will have wrinkles, bald heads, and feel overall old. As we grow older, our energy and vitality seems to dissipate. But hold on - there may be a way to prevent aging to this extent - and it has a whole lot to do with what goes in your mouth.

Don’t believe that food is a factor when it comes to the way you look? Well, lets take a look at someone who utterly defies that myth - Annette Larkins.

What is so strange about this? Annette looks like your average, very attractive women who is maybe in her thirties.

But she’s not in her thirties.

As of 2015, Annette is 73 years old!

It seems too amazing to be true.

So how did Annette get to look the way she does, and reach that level of energy and vitality? Annette follows a raw vegan diet that consists solely of fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts and seeds. She also grows the majority of her food in her own backyard, and juices a lot of her food. Many people are quick to credit Annette’s good looks and vitality to her genes, but most of her family did not have the same fate as she did. In fact, both her mother and her grandmother died before the age of 50 of breast cancer. Yet, Annette has a pristine track record of good health, and she is unable to remember the last time she even had a cold.

Larkins originally decided to become a vegetarian in 1963. Her husband, Amos, owned a butcher shop. She began to question the ethics of eating meat, and then made the full switch after seeing a bloody ham hock hanging from the ceiling.

Meanwhile, Annette’s success can be compared to that of her husband, who decided to continue to eat a standard American diet, which includes meat, dairy, and processed foods. Although he is only nine years older than Annette, he looks old enough to be her father, and has diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

So, are you hoping to look like Annette Larkins when you are 73 years old? Here are some tips to feel and look your best at any age:

  1. Go vegan!

Making the original switch to a vegan lifestyle is what really pushed her towards long-term health. Removing meat and dairy from her diet allowed her to improve her energy and vitality; she finally decided to ditch all dairy and eggs after learning that they could cause excessive body mucus.

  1. Remove processed food

After making the switch to veganism, Annette took her health a further step by eliminating any type of vegan processed food or junk food. In particular, she took away white products such as white flour, white rice, and white sugar. Annette says that as she eliminated each of these unhealthy foods, she began to feel better and better.

  1. Eat a lot of raw food

All of the raw vegan options that are available at the Squeeze are right up Annette Larkin’s alley - she loves to eat her food raw. In particular, she focuses on eating a lot of leafy greens, such as collards, kale, or lettuce. In addition to this, she eats plenty of other vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds in their raw form.

  1. Juice!

One of Annette’s favorite things to do is to juicing! Another reason why she would love the Squeeze - we have an abundance of both green juices and fruit-based juices. Annette always starts her day off with a juice. She also consumes plenty of “superfoods” - recently she has been loving wheatgrass!

  1. Get some exercise

In addition to her incredibly healthy diet, Annette makes sure to keep active every day. She has stated that she gets at total of at least eight mile of activity per day - this includes going on the treadmill, walking stairs, planting in her garden, dancing, and stretching. It’s important to remember that exercise needs to be included in any healthy lifestyle!

So, if you are wanting to feel good at any age, follow Annette’s example. Annette is living proof that you really are what you eat - so eat good, raw. vegan food, and take care of your body!

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