The Incredible Benefits of Chlorophyll

November 19, 2015 Bill Squeeze

Chlorophyll is one of our most popular booster shots, and for good reason. A deep, rich green, chlorophyll is a pigment that plays a key role in photosynthesis and is regarded as being instrumental in maintaining good health.

Chlorophyll has been used to promote healing through the centuries, with research dating back 100 years backing its effectiveness in health and wound therapy.  By binding together with environmental pollutants and toxic carcinogens in the body, Chlorophyll hampers their absorption and has been tested to remove ingested carcinogens such as aflatoxin. The studies showed chlorophyll was able to rapidly eliminate 95% of ingested toxins.

Regarded as a superfood, Cholorphyll also has vast nutritional and antioxidant properties. By eliminating free radicals in the body, it protects cells from oxidative damage. In addition it is known to control body odor, reduce hunger cravings, reduce systemic redness or swelling, as well as stopping Cadida albicans growth which leads to Candida infection. 

The benefits of chlorophyll are extensive, making it an ideal dietary and health supplement. Packed with essential vitamins and nutrients, your body will thank you for ingesting this incredible green booster.

(Facts sourced from Global Healing Center)


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