The Unexpected Physical Benefits of Going Vegan

July 20, 2016 Karliin Squeeze

This upcoming August will mark the one-year anniversary of my decision to ditch my everyday diet and pledge to eat and adopt a completely vegan lifestyle. I’ve never felt healthier, and more connected to sustainability and active in environmentalism.

To celebrate, I’ve compiled a list of the unexpected benefits that veganism has brought me.

In this blog post, I’ve examined the purely physical benefits of veganism. (Read on next week for the social and spiritual aspects!)

I knew going into veganism that it would positively impact my health, the environment and the ethical treatment of animals. What I didn’t know, were these incredible ‘side-effects’ of veganism that make it the best decision I’ve ever made.

My skin completely cleared up once I got the hang of my new plant-based vegan diet. Dairy was clogging up my pores, and kept the acne coming back, but with my new diet came completely clear skin. I’ve always been good about washing my skin, and taking off my makeup before bed, but I still fell victim to those pesky zits that kept coming back. I am also much more conscious and aware of the products that I’m using on my skin- and their impact animals, on the environment. A win-win-win.

My sleep became much more normalized. I never imagined that my diet could effect my ‘zz’s so much. My caffeine intake didn’t change, so my ease in falling asleep, and the whole nights I was going through without tossing and turning was undoubtedly my body’s reaction to the lack of meat and animal products I was consuming. Not only that, I’m now earlier to rise, and full of energy when I do so. I never thought I’d be the kind of person to wake up at 6am for an early morning workout- but that’s who I’ve become.

No more nausea. I have a very sensitive stomach, so I was often battling nausea after meals, or when I woke up in the morning before I adopted a vegan diet. I’d tried less dairy, and no gluten, which helped a bit, but Veganism completely eradicated the tiring and immobilizing sickness I’d feel after meals, and upon rolling out of bed in the morning. My nausea kept me from eating breakfast, which I’ve learned to love now for its ability to sustain me throughout the day. If I had known that veganism, which caused me to eat cleaner, and be more conscious of the food I’m putting in my body would stop my stomach problems- I would’ve made the switch years ago.


Going vegan has had so many unexpected benefits that I’ve loved experiencing and I’m still in the process of discovering. Here’s to the lifelong education veganism brings.

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