January 04, 2017 Karliin Squeeze

NYC’S Premier Juice Bar THE SQUEEZE™ Goes Solid with Burgers and Bowls

Juice-maven Karliin Brooks has solidified her ranking as New York City’s Vegan Queen with…well…solids. City residents are already familiar with her beloved cold-pressed juices. With three brick-and-mortar locations and a food truck it’s fair to say The Squeeze™ has become something of an Empire City institution. Down in the West Village, however, Karliin Brooks is pressing more than just fruits and vegetables. With the opening of her fourth location at 108 MacDougal Street, The Squeeze is pressing patties.

The world’s first vegan burger bar retains the namesake of The Squeeze, but offers diners a full menu of choices such as Prima Juan’s Mexicana Burger – stacked with black beans and coconut “bacon”, avocados, beefsteak tomatoes, caramelized onion, and chipotle aioli. The Hello Portobello Burger is a mushroom burger with roasted beets, caramelized onion, and mushroom gravy.

Not into buns? (We all have our “thing”… now stop thinking about your “thing” and let’s get back to this press release) The Squeeze also has bowls! Hungry guests can choose You’re Welcome Liver, a bowl packed with kale salad with hazelnut pesto, roasted beets, marinated cucumber crunch, avocados, beefsteak tomatoes, and Brussels sprouts all topped with “buttermilk” dressing. There’s also the super cheeky Everything But The Bitchin’ Sink, a tri-color quinoa bowl with roasted beets, coconut bacon, crockpot chili, caramelized onion, cauliflower risotto, sweet potato fries and chipotle aioli.

Free-range diners can also build their own burgers and bowls. The location also offers the brand’s full menu of cold-pressed juices and cleanses. Brooks will open a second burger bar in the Gansevoort Market on Wednesday, December 14.

The Squeeze was built from an authentic passion and a connection to a greater purpose of wellness for all of who inhabit the planet. Raw foods and juicing remain an integral part of The Squeeze and the line extension into vegan fast food broadens the appeal to a wider army of palettes. Kids, dogs, carnivores, Trump supporters are all into it. This is grass fed. For real.  -Karliin Brooks, Founder, The Squeeze

The Squeeze, located at 108 MacDougal St. in the West Village, is open from 7:30am to midnight during the week and from 8:30am to midnight on weekends. They can be reached by phone at 646-838-9200. The Squeeze products and all location/hours information is online at

About The Squeeze™

The Squeeze is a wellness and beauty lifestyle company whose mission is to bring consumers the next level of nutritional consciousness through detox cleanses, superfoods, and fresh, live produce prepared into raw gourmet meals. The Squeeze is dedicated to producing and offering the best tasting raw foods available in Manhattan, while simultaneously honoring the planet and our environment.

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