Squeeze Life



Founder of The Squeeze Juice, Karliin Brooks serves up over 100 juice and vegan food recipes—with a dose of fun and hip RAWncy-ness like no other.

Cleanse your mind of all the outdated granola clichés you may have about livin' raw, and get ready to feel good (and yes, look even better!). 

The Squeeze features over 100 juice and vegan snack recipes, along with completely customizable cleanses for you to choose from. Karliin’s nutrient-packed, lip-smacking juice recipes like “I Have a Heart-On” and “Kale the Pain Away,” are bound to get your blood pumping in all the right ways (because she uses ingredients that are naturally stimulating and insanely refreshing... wait, what were you thinking?). And snacks! “Jalapeno (Dirty) POPS,” “I Want Candy,” and “Raspberry-Chia Fruit Roll Up” are totally raw, vegan and comforting parts of your detox.

From  three days to twenty-eight days, and everywhere in between, you'll be able to follow a cleanse that makes sense to YOU, regardless of your body type, experience and knowledge level—don't worry, The Squeeze squad has your back. For the more advance raw babes out there, you'll find new recipes organized into six categories that are sure to satiate you.

Karliin strongly believes that “diets” (ewww) don’t work, so instead she will teach you how to adopt new habits to help you live happy and healthy.

 WARNING, side-effects include: clarity of mind, weight loss, self-appreciation and desire to wink at innocent bystanders.

About the Author  

Karliin Brooks is the author of this book (duh) and the founder of The Squeeze, a cleansing and juicing lifestyle brand located in New York City. She's an eco warrior, juice queen, and lover of all things. Upon learning about the food industry during her high school years, Karliin immediately turned to a cruelty-free vegan diet and hasn't looked back since. She attended NYU, where she graduated with degrees for Broadcast Journalism and Nutrition, and she received her culinary training at the Natural Gourmet Institute. Karliin is also a former model, freelance producer, and owner of a movie location company in NYC. She left her career in TV production to pursue a life dedicated to changing hearts, minds, and tummies. She's ready to vegucate the world. 

She turned to a juicing and cleansing lifestyle when she was diagnosed with Graves' disease. Rather than looking forward to a life filled with health complications, Karliin embraced detoxing instead. Not only did she notice physical improvements almost immediately, but her spiritual state improved immensely. Her lack of health led her to a life dedicated to continuously improving herself and others around her.

 Karliin lives in NYC in an animal rescue shelter, AKA her lovely apartment. She's expanding The Squeeze until it takes over the world and everyone drinks a green juice instead of coffee in the morning. She wants YOU to be healthy, happy, and at peace.