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LOCATION: 550 W. 54 ST

"The Squeeze is my go to for lunch. Being that I eat a gluten free and vegan diet, it's hard to find a place to order from that's also delicious. Moc n cheese is amazing, so is the raw almond joy, omg." -Yelp Review, 10/7/2016

"I live by The Squeeze's cold pressed juices! I found out about this place a few months ago and can't believe what I've been missing out on. All of their ingredients are local, organic and their juice is freshly made right in NYC. I start my days with one of their green juices -I Have a Heart On is my favorite, and the names are so clever! The staff is super friendly, and always helpful- they suggested a few elixirs to try for when I'm feeling really groggy or tired in the morning so I bought a couple, and they are honestly life savors! I love supporting a small local business that provides their customers with nonGMO, and local, fresh, raw food! The Squeeze is a gem in NYC!" -Yelp Review 7/20/2016

"I was looking for a healthy, vegan lunch available for delivery to my work in midtown. I found The Squeeze on UberEats and ordered the Sweet Potato burger which was delicious! Tons of flavor, and the sauce was super creamy.  I also got one of their green juices - "Head over Heal me," which tasted really fresh and gave me energy for the rest of the day. I love how few ingredients come in their foods, and that they're organic! And another big plus - the food is made locally. My order was on time and my meal delicious. I'll definitely be ordering from them again." -Yelp Review 7/14/2016

"I love The Squeeze and would highly recommend it for your next cleanse!" -Yelp Review 2/23/2016


"My vegan and vegetarian friends go nuts for this place! The squeeze has now become a place I go to almost daily for any craving I have.  Everything on the menu fits any type of craving you have and is guilt free.  Not only are the products amazing but the customer service is great as well.   The quality of food and juices are always fresh and satisfying." -Yelp Review 11/5/2016

"Best place in NY to get fresh and healthy food and juices! Everyone is so friendly and knowledgable! A+ for healthy!" -Yelp Review 3/17/2016

"GREAT options for vegetarians/vegans working in soho- my new favorite lunch spot. Oatmeal was amazing too! Definitely check out any location" -Yelp Review 3/9/2016

"I love this place! I stop by at least 3-4x a week. Definitely try I have a heart on, two hearts beet as one, get your juices flowing and the pink lemonade." -Yelp Review 12/8/2015


"Really great raw, organic and vegan food at reasonable prices. They have a great selection, and their kale chips are the best I've had. Great place to sit, relax and enjoy a healthy, tasty meal and/or juice!" -Yelp Review 11/11/2016

"The squeeze has now become a place I go to almost daily.  Everything on the menu fits any type of craving you have and is guilt free.  Not only are the products amazing but the customer service is great as well.  The workers know the products and are always very helpful in what to choose from the menu. I highly recommend this place to anyone.  Juices are refreshing, desserts are satisfying, and the meals are filling and filled with amazing nutrients." -Yelp Review 11/5/2016

"This is by far one of the best products on the market. I was so impressed after finding their coconut squeezola granola at a yoga studio that I had to find out all about this company. Hands down best granola out there Raw. Vegan. Sweet. Crunchy. Delicious!
So after that I dived into as many offerings as I could recently completing the 6 days cleanse. The juices and elixirs were satiating and delicious. Perfect protocol for maintaining energy, stabilizing sugar cravings, and staying satiated. After the cleanse energy levels have stayed exceptional including clarity, funk, and a leaner flat midsection. So much food out there causes inflammation. I'm a big fan of the squeeze brand and it's products. Delivery is all over the city, so I find it convenient from anywhere." -Yelp Review 11/2/2016

"Sickest vegan/healthy/juice place ever I love this more than life itself!! Before i come to squeeze I am just a pebble in the dust of life and afterwards I am a newly sprouted butterfly emerging from its chrysalis. I seriously run to this place when I see it no lie. Summer kale rolls are 10/10 and you will not be disappointed with all the other goodies . Anthony is the pharoah of health" -Yelp Review 8/9/2015